AI-camera "GAMETRAQ"

The world’s first video streaming camera with AI technology that generates performance statistics from padel games – with a touch of gamification.

AI Camera

GameTraq is the first system that outputs performance data – a technique which previously has only been available for professional players. We created a camera system that not only does live streaming and video-on-demand, but also an analytics software that enables players to easily get an understanding of their game.

The goal of GameTraq is to enhance the padel experience by offering a service that both attracts new players and keeps them coming back. In general everyone can benefit from this technology and is also great for social sharing (facebook logo) GameTraq will add gamification to an already exciting game that will keep your players coming back for more.

Want to see the GameTraq AI Camera in action? You can check out our demo from the World Padel Tour here.  You can also check out an example of the friendly match here.

The price if you buy:

€2.400 incl. + maintenance fee of €600/year

The price if you lease:

€1,000 (up front) + €150/month
The business model
You set up the camera and sell subscriptions either as a part of a membership or sell subscriptions separately. The club get's a part of the payments and will in most cases start to make money on the AI camera within months.

Video features

Live stream

Using a high-speed camera sensor that captures all details in a fast moving sport to enrich the video experience.

Stream to YouTube

Schedule livestream events directly to YouTube

Record games

Record your games in 4k resolution and store them on your account for up to six months.

Create highlights

Save your most valuable highlights with the easy highlight capture tool.

Coach feedback

Share your videos and highlights with your coach where they can give you feedback.

AI statistics

Shot stats

Shows which player hit the most % shots per team. Also shot the % of failed shot attempts in every player.

Heat map

Shows exactly where each player moved the most during the game. Perfect way to better understand the game.

Distance covered

The number of meters each player ran during the game.

Zone map

The % of time each player spent in offensive, defensive and transit zone.

Time in transit zone

Shows how much time each player spent in the transit zone, the middle part of the court that you usually want to avoid in padel.


Presents who won the most challenges along with a summary of each player’s individual stats.

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