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Some padel clubs are experiencing low activity during early mornings, afternoon and late nights. To solve this problem we give you the SHOTGUN ball machine. Offering multiple programs made for various techniques, it allows the players to train without the need of other players.

Ball Machine "SHOTGUN"

There are many ball machines on the market, but very few that are relevant for the professional padel center. As a center you need the most reliable machine with fully dynamic feed and you need to have the strongest support.

This dynamic ball machine has helped over 70 padel venues increase bookings which has on average resulted in a €2.000 monthly additional revenue.

The price if you buy: €3,500

The business model: You rent it out for €35/hour x 100 hours = €3,500 This item can easily be added to the basket in Padel iQ and will show as in or out of stock.

The price if you lease:

€1,200 up front + €200/monthly + maintenance fee (after 2 years). The business model: You rent it out for €35/hour x 40 hours = €1,400 This item can easily be added to the basket in Padel iQ and will show as in or out of stock.

Powerful features

Easy to use

Remote controlled with 6 pre-programmed training modes ready to go, making it easy for beginners. For advanced players, simply increase the frequency to make the training more intense. Powered by a battery, no need to use a cable that gets in the way.

Dynamic ball feeding

The machine will vary its feeding of balls to different landing spots. This will make it feel like a real game, where you can never predict the landing of the ball, in contrast to a machine with stationary ball feeding. In addition, this is the only ball machine with height variation in the same program! This requires more movement from the player which will improve their footwork and overall workout.

Reliable like no other

Due to carefully chosen components SHOTGUN is built to last for long days of rental. Though 60+ venues use it for an average of 4 hours a day per machine, it has never broken down. In case of errors, we will give you live support mon-fri. Not only that, if the machine need a repair, we will compensate you with a new machine during reparation.

Volley & Lob

The most popular training mode. One of the unique features with SHOTGUN I. It can shoot a volley and then a Lob within just 2.8 seconds apart. The only ball machine with vertical variation in ball feeding.  This excersice can get real sweaty!

Volley Mix

This program is excellent for getting comfortable with your volleys. Shotgun will feed volleys at random at random places horizontally. Great for improving forehands, backhands and footwork.

Rear Glass training

Practice your counter on rear-glass shots. With dynamic ball feeding the player will become much more comfortable adapting to rear glass shots in real games.

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