Light and lock system

Automate your lights and access control to make your center more accessible and save money at the same time

Upgrade with a light and lock system

OutScale integration with Nox and Padel iQ. We can now also integrate to QT-Systems if you are changing from Playtomic or Matchi to Padel iQ.

You no longer need to have a manned center just for controlling access, the smart solution from Padel iQ will make sure that only the right people enter your facility and only play on your courts if they have paid. 

Access control

Code panels are connected to the NOX controller and it is controlled from there. The price for the code panel includes the CMU required for the connection to NOX. 


Server maintenance and updates for lights and access control.

All prices are excluding VAT, installation, and delivery.

1-year warranty on hardware.




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